Warm Up With Small, Quick Sketches

Sometimes, when I’m out walking/sketching I start with some small, quick sketches, done in an inexpensive 3×5 or 4×6 sketchbook.  This gets the juices flowing but also, this allows me to capture little scenes or things that I would otherwise pass by.

I’ve been doing a lot of them this week, mostly because I’m so thrilled by the sun that I just want to walk around in it rather than sit for extended periods sketching.  I’m getting a good tan (grin).  These quick-sketches also give me a chance to play with different approaches and I’m convinced that they have teach me more than any of my longer sketches.  Here are a couple examples:

3x5 sketchbook, Namiki Falcon, PCB and Kuretake #13 brush pen w/PCB

3×5 sketchbook, Namiki Falcon, PCB and Kuretake #13 brush pen w/PCB

3x5 sketchbook, Namiki Falcon w/PCB.

3×5 sketchbook, Namiki Falcon w/PCB.

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  1. Kate B says:

    Good ones. I particularly like the values in the top one.

    • Thanks Kate. I’m trying to work on putting some life into my watercolor as my typical approach is to use them like crayons 🙂 — Larry