Sketching Rocks In St. Vallier

Louise and Fernande

Louise and Fernande

I’m a lucky guy to have friends like these.  Plans for this sketching session in St. Vallier came from discussions between Claudette and Louise, who are best buddies.  Louise hosted the event as she lives in St. Vallier, a beautiful village about half an hour from Quebec City.  Plans were made.  The weather checked.  It was on the calendar.

When the day came we faced a very cool morning with very windy conditions.  Undaunted, we piled into Claudette’s car and headed to St. Vallier, which is on the south coast of The St. Lawrence River as it opens up into the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  It’s always windy there so we were concerned that it might be too cold to sketch.





It was windy when we arrived, but sunny.  As we walked to the rocky areas we were all bundled up as though we were invading the North Pole but the sun was out, our pens warmed up, and we were ready to draw rocks.

We found some parts of the coastline where we could be sheltered from the wind and it was quite pleasant.  We sketched and chatted all morning and then climbed the hill back to Louise’s house for lunch.  Homemade cream of mushroom soup, wine and sandwiches was an unexpected treat, served in a gorgeous solarium that doubles as Louise’s studio.  Then, having eaten more than I should have, Louise brought out a strawberry upside-down cake.  When we were finished I needed a siesta.  Louise has agreed to adopt me.

Rocks at St. Vallier (Stillman & BIrn Alpha 9x6, Uniball UM-151,.38 pen

Rocks at St. Vallier
(Stillman & BIrn Alpha 9×6, Uniball UM-151,.38 pen

But there is no rest for the sketcher.  We headed back down the hill for a shorter, but fun sketching session.  It had warmed up so, out of the wind, I could actually unzip one of the two jackets I was wearing.  I did one drawing during this session but didn’t get a chance to add color.  I’ll do that and post it later.  Thanks to all, and especially Louise for her hospitality.  Life is sweet.

Louise, our host.  She was sitting next to a storm wall, drawing trees that rose above it.  (Stillman & BIrn Alpha 9x6, Uniball UM-151, .38 pen

Louise, our host. She was sitting next to a storm wall, drawing trees that rose above it. (Stillman & BIrn Alpha 9×6, Uniball UM-151, .38 pen

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  1. Tina says:

    Great sketches! Sounds like it was a fun outing! But seeing you guys all bundled up is making me cold… I thought you said it was finally spring! 😉

  2. Iris says:

    WOW Larry I am blown away by your talent. I thought your book was great and now this sketching is wonderful too.


    • You’re too kind, Iris. Glad you liked my book and enjoy my sketches. I post new sketches almost every day so check back often 🙂 Hope to have the next book available late this summer, if I can overcome my tendency to procrastinate.

      Cheers — Larry

  3. I agree with Iris…it is so impressive to see your skills grow in so many ways.

    • Hi Michael,
      Thanks for stopping by. When you’re at the bottom of the learning curve it’s easy to improve on yesterday 🙂 Besides, we both know it’s all about the paper (for those who don’t know, Michael Kalman is the president, CEO and bottle washer of Stillman & Birn, my favorite sketchbooks).

      Cheers — Larry