Sketching A Car

A couple weeks ago I was down at the Quebec City port and parked near the Louis Jolliet excursion boat dock sat a great little car, painted up as a race car.  I don’t know if it was really a race car or why it was parked there.  But I plucked my camera from my sketching bag and took a photo of it.

Stillman & Birn Alpha (5.5×8.5), Pilot Prera, Noodler’s Lexington Gray

Yesterday I couldn’t go out sketching and I remembered that car.  I brought the photo of it up on my computer and I sketched it.  Though I’m not an accomplished sketcher, I have to say that I like the sketch better than the photo.  Just a bit more personal I suppose, and now I know this car better than my own.  Ain’t she cute?  Are cars the ultimate ‘urban sketch’?

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  1. Nikira says:

    Vey nice drawing. Adorable car.

  2. Ruca says:

    That is an awesome sketch, Larry! Tons of personality and very well rendered. I find it’s not always easy to get the wheels to appear to be at the right angle or on the right plane. You’ve nailed it!

  3. Thanks. You’re right about that wheel thing. I can’t seem to get them round either, or having the proper thickness, or…or…

    Cheers — Larry