Mini-Sketchcrawl At The Morrin Center

Hubert, a member of our Tuesdays group, arranged for us to sketch at the Morrin Center.  This is an anglophone service center that holds lots of wine-drinking soirees and has a wonderful old library, with leather-covered tables, beautiful old railings and stairs, and an ambiance that can’t be beat.  The building itself used to be a women’s prison and they’ve retained a couple cells in the basement in their original form.  I think you could fit all the anglophones who live in Quebec City into this building and still have room for the wine (grin).

I decided to draw a bust that was sitting in front of one of the windows.  It wasn’t a particularly good cast but I liked the guy’s beard and mustache, which gave me ample opportunity to drive my Pilot Falcon around in my Stillman & Birn Beta (8×10) softcover book.  I’ve thought about adding some watercolor shading and may do that but I haven’t found the time.  Sorry.

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  1. Barbara says:

    That is so funny….we were there later afternoon on Tuesday. It would have been nice to bump into you. We have been in Quebec City this week. I love old libraries with the beautiful oak woods and old furnishings, so we went in. The jail downstairs was closed. I bundled up this aft and went down to Lower town and got a reference photo of the circular stairs near the Venicular.( I was the one that asked a while back about the circular stairs). Going to try drawing them.It was a bit too cold and breezy up top near the Chateau!