Great Approach To Watercolors By Marc Taro Holmes

Marc Taro Holmes is one of my favorite street artists.  I doubt he would brand himself that way as he does art in many venues – everything from quick sketches to fine art.  But it’s his street paintings, with pen and ink as the base, are what I like most.
Because of this, I’ve directed a lot of people to his Tea, Milk and Honey blog post, where he outlines a 3-part approach to developing a watercolor.  So, I just have to direct everyone to his latest blog post, where he’s sharing a fold-up PDF “cheat sheet” for his TMH system.  I’ll say no more.  Go to his blog, The Citizen Sketcher.  Download the PDF.  Thank Marc while you’re there.  I’ll start.  Thanks, Marc.


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  1. Laure says:

    Thanks for the re-direct, Larry! I agree—his work is always fabulous.