Canada’s Population Increases By One

The other day I was annoying at least one person for not being an Facebook because I was out doing other things.  This is what I was doing.  I am now, officially, Canadian.  They gave me a cute little maple leaf pin, taught me the secret handshake and told me that though I was Canadian I wasn’t responsible for Justin Beiber.   We splurged in celebration and had nachos and beer for dinner.


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  1. Tina says:

    Hey, congrats! And if Justin Bieber is the worst thing Canada can be blamed for, you guys are doing well! 😉


  2. Congratulations Larry.

  3. Viktoria says:

    Congratulations! It used to be Bryan Adams you had to appologize for (why I don’t know; I was a fan) but I guess that just means I’m getting old. I hope you will be happy as a Canadian!

  4. Barbara says:

    Congrats….now you can officially complain about our politians and how they waste our (oops..
    your) money!

  5. Sheila Fitzpatrick says:

    Congratulations, eh? Did you learn the secret spelling of Canada? C eh N eh D eh. Goes with the secret handshake.
    – Sheila

    • Geez, Sheila, you’re a regular Edward Snowden when it comes to giving away Canadian secrets. Now all those people fleeing Trumpland will blend in and we won’t be able to find them. — Larry

  6. Sheila Fitzpatrick says:

    But seriously … glad to have you with us as a Canadian citizen, Larry!
    – Sheila