Are You Afraid Of Clowns?

Many people are afraid of clowns for some reason.  They might be scared to death if they walk down rue St. Paul in the old port area of Quebec City because, between two buildings there is a humongous inflatable clown head scrunged between the two walls.  I think it’s cute but it could also be scary, depending upon your point of view.  I had to draw it.

Stillman & Birn Alpha (4×6), DeAtramentis Document Black, Wing Sung 8009, Platinum brush pen

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  1. Tina Koyama says:

    Creepy, indeed!

  2. It was fun to watch people walking by. You can’t see the clown unless you look directly between the two buildings. What would happen is that people saw me drawing and looked to see what I was drawing. Regularly they would jump back from the sight of that big head looming out of the shadows 🙂