Chapel Sketching Again

2016-03-13Chapel1Winter persists and so does this sketcher.  I met Yvan at the chapel associated with the Musée d’Amerique Francophone.  It’s warm and there are lots of woodcarvings and fixtures to challenge a sketcher.

I drew this large light fixture and found it quite fun.   As it turned out, there was to be a concert that afternoon and people were starting to arrive.  Yvan and I decided to sit in the back of the room and sketch people as they arrived.   That was fun and added to the enjoyment of the day.

2016-03-13Chapel5 2016-03-13Chapel6

















I then got the wild idea to sketch a set of statues that were part of the immense alter at the front of the room.  It was too far away to really see so I thought I might have some success by drawing the dark shadows and that maybe this would give me some guidance.  This was the result.  I might have learned something today.  In any case, I was one day closer to spring.









Universite Laval Collections Sketchcrawl

2016-03-11_Collections_UL_Me_Hubert.jjpgThe Université Laval Collections reopened recently, having been moved and renovated.  This is an extraordinary place that houses the remnants of the natural history museum that used to be in Quebec City as well as an impressive plaster cast collection that the art department abandoned long ago in favor of paint rollers.

We held our March sketchcrawl there, thanks to Madame Wagner, the curator, and Yvan Breton who arranged access for us.  Imagine having a large room, complete with tables, chairs and some spot lights and the ability to place one of the museum objects on that table to draw it.  It was fantastic!

Me, I sat in the hallway.  I wasn’t being anti-social, though.  I wanted to draw that mountain goat that sits in one of the collection display windows.  Hubert joined me, however, and we had a great time sketching together.


Stillman & Birn softcover Delta series (8×10), Platinum 3776, Platinum Carbon Black

Those Egyptians Really Liked Bes

Here’s a couple small  vessels (shot glasses?), each different depictions of Bes, the dwarf god.  They’re part of the Egypt exhibition at our Museé de la Civilisation.  Maybe these were intended to ward off evil spirits from their spirits.  I don’t think the top squares on the green one were intended to look like a hat but they sure do, making it quite funny.

2016-03-10EgyptThese were drawn in an 8×10 Stillman & Birn softcover Alphas series book.  I’m just starting to use this size book but I think I’m really going to like it.  Bigger than the typical 6×9 but much easier to scan than a 9×12.  The softcovers are also so much lighter than hardcovers that it actually weighs the same as a 6×9 hardcover.

Sketching A Dwarf Egyptian God

Bes, the dwarf Egyptian god was represented, in both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional form, everywhere in Egyptian society.  Seems he had a way of scaring evil spirits away and the Egyptians were very worried about evil spirits.

This is the second or third Bes statue I’ve sketched at our museum, all showing similarities but each unique in its own way.  I did this one in the 8×10 Stillman & Birn Delta softcover I reviewed not long ago.


Urban Sketcher Boredom As He Awaits Spring

Have you ever wondered if bears open an eye, look out of their den at the snow and wish that spring would arrive because their stomach is growling?  Naw…me neither but that’s how I feel right now.

Our winter has been relatively mild but from the view of this urban sketcher, it’s been very long.  Sure, I’ve been going to the museum to sketch but a good portion of the fun of sketching for me is wandering around, looking for something interesting to sketch.  I’ve got the darn museum memorized; there are no surprises.

It’s times like this that I wish I liked to sketch from photos, but I don’t.  So, for the most part, I’m a bored urban sketcher, doodling just to keep my hand moving.  I thought I’d share a few pages of doodles with you.  These were all done in a 4×6 Stillman & Birn Alpha series softcover.




As you can see, it’s a melange of tiny sketches, some ear practice and some hatching scribbles thrown in for good measure.  Sometimes I’ll fill a whole page with circles or bad ellipses.  I do a lot of this stuff on photocopy paper and when sheets are filled they are wadded up and thrown in the garbage.  Just for giggles, here is one of those sheets.  Sorry for the wrinkles.  It was pulled from my garbage can (grin).  I also apologize that some of the sketching is upside down.  I don’t pay much attention to that when I’m filling these pages since my garbage can isn’t particular.  Do you do this sort of thing or am I the only one?  I bet I’m the only one dumb enough to share them.