Holiday Doodles

There’s a lot of unplanned time during the holidays at our house.  Some cooking and baking is involved.  Too many Christmas movies are watched.  And then there is the puzzle making.  We avoid shopping due to the crowds and so we don’t get out very much.

This leaves me with an itch in my pen and I have to scratch it.  So I doodle a lot.  I may draw something in front of me or I may draw from photos or even sketches done by others.  Normally I wouldn’t show these to anyone, mostly because they’re not worth showing.  But I always feel that we do a disservice by presenting only those sketches we deem as “acceptable” and so I offer this pile of doodles, done on a whim during the holidays.  All are small.  All were done quickly.  All represent very little at all.  But they helped me scratch my itch.

Jodie and I sat down in the kitchen to draw one morning.  She was drawing flowers from one of my botanical art books and I grabbed an orange and lemon, dropped them on a plate and did this rather poor rendition that I title “Orange and Lemon.”


I did go down to our Grande Marché  one afternoon, sat for a few minutes and scrawled this sketch of one of the kiosks.  Like most of my quick sketches, it illustrates the frantic pace at which is was done.  But, like all sketches, it was fun.

One afternoon, Jodie and Chantal decided to make a fancy cake.  I think they felt challenged by the two batches of cookies and bread I’d baked (grin).  As I sat watching  I started sketching the kitchen.  This is as far as I got.

I met my buddy Yvan at the market for a bit of sketching people.  The people movement was hectic but I did a couple pages like this.  I’ve said before that I’m not a fan of people sketching but this is the only reliable sketching target for us in the winter.

One morning I just started sketching an old-time imaginary church on a hill.  It was fun to just doodle some sparse scenery around it.

A quick sketch from a photo.  Not much to say about it.

I’ll leave you with this.  It’s a page of doodles I did one morning, mostly while looking at sketches done by my friend Yvan.  I’d say I copied them but that wouldn’t do justice to Yvan’s sketches, which are in every way superior to these doodles.

Platinum Prefounte Fountain Pen

Last minute Christmas present, perhaps?  I just picked up one of the new Platinum Prefounte fountain pens.  Goulet Pens is selling it for $10USD and I paid only $15CDN locally.  This pen is a bargain, and more.

If you’re familiar with the Platinum Preppy you know something about this pen as it’s pretty much a “super” Preppy, with significant improvements.  First, it looks great and comes in orange, red, blue or green.  You can get it with fine or medium nibs, just like the Preppy.

While the Preppy caps are prone to breakage, the Prefounte cap is a significant upgrade.  Much stronger, and with a very positive click when you cap the pen.  More important, however, is that this pen includes Platinum’s super-d-duper no evaporation double cap seal.  The packaging claims you can leave ink in it for a year without much loss.  Try that with your Lamy (grin).

As a street sketcher, one of the things I really like about Platinum pens is that they are the one company that sells a waterproof ink for their pens in cartridge form.  This is also wonderful if you’re trying to get someone involved with sketching and/or fountain pens because they don’t have to deal with pen filling.  You just throw in a cartridge, about $3 for four of them, and you’re all set.  I’ve been using a Platinum Plaisir that way for quite a while.  This new Prefounte is lighter, though and I know I’m going to love it.  Kinda silly since I’ve got a bunch of high dollar pens sitting around but I don’t have to worry about losing these cheaper solutions.

I apologize for the horrible photos but I wanted to get this post up this morning and the overhead light in my studio isn’t the greatest for taking close up photos.  Goulet Pens, though, has good photos 🙂

I should add that the pens don’t come with red nibs; Prefounte nibs are silver.  I made the mistake of buying the medium nib, didn’t like it, and exchanged one of the Preppy nibs.  Of course I did this strategically to show you that this was possible.  Sure I did (grin).